10 years of Celebrations!

As I said in the last newsletter it’s 10 years since I staged the first awards ceremony and I promised you something special to coincide with the London 2020 Awards Ceremony which is now set for May 2020.

So here goes…as part of the 10-year celebration we have tapped into technology and with the help of VALA, a super charged Awards Management system, we are launching 50, yes you heard me correctly, 50 regions across the UK. Every one woman across every region in the UK can now take part in the largest ever quest to find, recognise, celebrate and reward UK women in business! And we have something special planned for the category winners from every region.

Knowing the impact and life changing effect the Venus Awards has on nominees, finalists, winners and sponsors, (the Venus Community) makes me realise we have found our Massive Transformational Purpose.

We at Venus believe “a better me makes a better world” and for those of you who have attended a Venus Awards Ceremony you know how much we love celebrating.

For the next 10 years we are working together with our inspiring community to support and nurture “better me’s” and look forward to celebrating our achievements at every opportunity. We have so much planned for 2020 I can hardly contain my excitement – keep up to date with what we have in store for all of you in the Venus Movement Facebook group.

Tara Hamilton Howard 
Founder of Venus Movement

Venus Awards London 2020 is coming!

Venus Awards is heading for the UK capital again in 2020. Following on from the incredibly successful London launch late last year we are now open for pre-nominations.

If you know a woman in London deserving of recognition, follow this link to our website to get nominating now.

Venus Regional Awards

Pre-nominations are now open for 50 Regions across the UK. Click here to pre-nominate someone special in your region. 

We have something very special to announce at the Venus Awards London 2020 Launch Party for our alumni and other women in business who are doing amazing things and making a difference. Please watch out for dates and times of all our events which provide higher level engagement (time to rise above the networking moniker)

Even more news… 

Would you want to work for, or do business with a company who can prove they have the corporate culture which supports women holistically? This can mean many things of course. Stay with us as we announce a needle-moving initiative in the coming months.

Venus Winner – Elona Mortimer-Zhika

To celebrate 10 years of Venus we are featuring a Winner a month. 

October’s featured leading lady is Elona Mortimer-Zhika, winner of Thames Valley’s Finance Professional of the Year 2018. 

Elona graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Accounting and Economics and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Before joining IRIS Software Group, Elona held several senir leadership positions at Mavenir, Acision, Arthur Anderson and Deloitte.

Elona joined IRIS Software Group in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer & was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2018, where she was responsible for revenue generation, customer service and all back-office functions. During her time at IRIS, the business has doubled in size, and was successfully sold for £1.3bn in 2018, making it the UK’s largest privately-owned software company. 

On 1st September 2019, Elona was appointed as the first female CEO at IRIS Software Group.

Introducing Venus Voice (it’s kinda like TED Talks from trail-blaizing women)

As the warm up event for our London Venus Awards Ceremony in May 2020 we are holding a day of inspirational talks appropriately named Venus Voice. This will be held at the London Waldorf.

The day will provide a platform where our past winners and corporate leaders who value “a world in which we all work together better” will share their stories and inspire. 

Stay tuned as we announce our speakers over the next few months. We still have a couple of slots available if you know someone special who has a compelling message, that needs to get out there, to help us all along the journey to become better me’s.

PS. That wasn’t the only big news we have to share. Keep an eye out for our November newsletter for more. 

From Stupid Little Girl to Commercial Pilot

Growing up I was given the title of Stupid Little Girl by my brothers and significant adults in my life.  I accepted the role, did no work and left school at 16 with zero qualifications.   

The question I’m often asked is how did I then become a commercial pilot by the age of 22?  Others ask, how did you go on to build and run seven figure business?  How did you grow the Venus Awards, how did you overcome the obstacles along the way and how did you also become a number 1 best selling artist and author?   

Hi, I’m Tara Hamilton Howard.   The answer is all around mindset.  Looking back what I realised is that through all my successes, obstacles and failures I’ve overcome, I had unknowingly been following a formula.   With reflection I have unpicked that formula to create Self Adore Success System called SASS. 

I also realised many women are also holding themselves back because they have lost the belief in their own potential.  The majority of women who come to me for help are successful, from the outside, yet they don’t feel it.  They feel like imposters, they feel like everything they do is for other people and they have had enough.  They want their power back.

If you are on fire at the moment and fulfilling your true potential,then SASS is not for you.  

If you however see others achieving more but realise something is holding you back but you don’t know what, the first step along your journey to more success is to find out where you are right now.  

I’ve created a Confidence Calculator which you can take today.   I’ll forward you a personalised report with some little suggestions on how you can have more confidence in your personal and business life and manifest the life you deserve.

Looking forward to catching up next time.

Wishing you a SASSy day,

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Join us at the ExCel Business Show and find our more about SASS

Following many requests, our Founder Tara Hamilton Howard has been asked back to ExCel London to headline as a Keynote Speaker at Europe’s largest business to business event to share all about SASS and her formula to confidence and success.

The Business Show also has some great exhibitors, and expertise to maintain, grow and develop your business.

Come along to see Tara and enjoy the show. We’ve got some complimentary tickets for Wednesday 27th or Thursday 28th November.

Hope to see you there.

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