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For those of you that know me, you will know I’m passionate about recognising and rewarding the achievements of women in business. OK – so why?

Back in 2009, I was building and running two 7 figure businesses, including hotels and a property portfolio, while managing a household of six. The thing I remember most was the guilt.  I was guilty at work because I wasn’t with the kids.  Guilty when with the kids because work was not getting the focus I felt it needed.

It was when I was nominated for the county’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award I stopped to reflect on my achievements.

I didn’t make it through – boo. It did, however, make me think (yes, that does hurt!). “What is there out there for women like me”? That’s when the Awards were born. Since then, tens of thousands of women have been nominated for an award.

Many, just like me, don’t realise how much they have achieved. It’s only when someone takes the time to nominate us that we can appreciate how far we’ve come.

Confidence is a big issue for many women in business. That’s why, over the last 10 years, I’ve been working towards this. We now have EVERY region across the UK (50 in total) open for nominations.


I ask you to please take a couple of minutes to do your bit by following this link to nominate someone in the UK to be recognised. Your nominee will be contacted next week to let them know they have been nominated.


Tara Hamilton Howard

Founder of Venus Movement

Venus Winner – Sarah Ali Choudhury

To celebrate 10 years of Venus, we are featuring a Winner a month.

This month’s leading lady is Sarah Ali Choudhury, winner of Dorset’s Influential Woman of the Year 2017. Sarah also went on to become the Venus Award Influential Woman National Winner in 2018.

Sarah went from an unemployed homemaker to a global disrupter within two years. She started her business focusing on authentic Indian food, and within a year Sarah has since been listed in the top 100 Female Entrepreneurs List

Her campaign for women in the curry industry has been recognised by Forbes. She has more recently presented a BBC documentary, which was translated into several different languages and went global.

Sarah is currently working on building her own cookery school and will be holding classes for groups and corporate team building events…

She has also launched her own YouTube channel, ‘Garam Masala’, to assist others in the hospitality industry to take their business to the next level. ..

Oh, and did we mention…Sarah is a mum of 4!

Has our founder gone crazy?

We love to feature one amazing woman in business in each of our newsletters. As I started this month’s newsletter, it got me thinking, we never really feature our founder Tara Hamilton-Howard.

I’m going to take the opportunity to include more about the woman that started all of this.

From leaving school at 16 with no hope and no qualifications to commercial pilot by age 22, Tara has, over the years, shared with me insights to life which have, in turn, inspired me.

On her journey to build and grow seven-figure businesses, she has had many obstacles along the way. She has also failed in business and made it back. As a result, she has also co-authored a number 1 best-selling book DON’T Quit and has since been asked to collaborate on another book, The Magnetic Entrepreneur.

Not only is she the founder of Venus Movement and Publisher of Venus Magazine, her motivational track “Matter of the Mind” also reached number 1 in the Amazon Music Charts.

Unbelievably she’s

  • Trekked to Everest Base Camp with her son Ryan;
  • Cycled London to Paris with her second son Dallas;
  • Traversed a Nepalese Glacier with her daughter Cherie and
  • is set to Kayak the English channel with her youngest son Donny.

I once asked what her secret is to her success, so she reflected and realised she had been following a formula.

I’m so pleased she’s documented that process and lovingly called it SASS. Because Tara and SASS have helped massively improve my relationships, and it changed my life.

I’m not the only one, she has helped many other women break free of the thought processes holding them back.

I saw this testimonial come through just the other day from Malena Jimenez-Fogarty, a life coach from New York Tara’s been helping.

“My coaching with Tara has been a really amazing experience, she allowed me to communicate what I was feeling and we talked about numerous things, but what really impacted me was, she created that sacred space, she showed that she cared and it was really –

I’m getting goosebumps right now. It was really something that impacted me greatly, and she’s an amazing coach…”

Well put, Malena. What I love about Tara is she is so very passionate about making a difference. With her moto A Better me makes a Better world she has helped make me a better me and I guess a better world too!

Yesterday Tara told me she wants to give away FREE private coaching sessions to everyone that buys her Don’t Quit book.

I might have said she was crazy. I’m very protective of Tara’s time.

She’s already busy with her public speaking engagements, Venus Movement, and her property portfolio – surely, it’s too much to take on.

Well, one thing I have learned with Tara – when she said she’s gonna do something – she nails it!

So, if you want a piece of Tara too, follow this link to buy your copy of Don’t Quit for £10 by 10th December. I will then forward you a link to book your one on one time with Tara to be taken up by 28th February next year.

Come to think of it – with Christmas coming – what a great present.

I still think she’s crazy!

Yours in SASS

Abby White

Head of Events, Venus Team


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Introducing our Venus 2020 Charity Partner


We are thrilled to be chosen as the Charity Partner and that our partnership with the Venus Awards 2020 will help raise awareness of the work we do and attract more financial and volunteering support for our projects.

Be Kind Movement was set up in 2015 to empower women and children with education. Education that creates sustainable livelihoods but also transforms hearts and minds through the education of Kindness. The charity’s Kindness in School programme encourages students to think about kindness for self and the impact this could have on friends and families, the school, and the community at large.  





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